Linus Sandgren, FSF and his team wrap Damien Chazelle's "First Man"

In production since October, Linus Sandgren's all-star team completed principal photography on the upcoming Neil Armstrong biopic First Man. Once again, Sandgren is teaming up with his La La Land (2016) partner, director Damien Chazelle. La La Land garnered each an Academy Award for their respective roles. 

First Man was shot on a mix of 2-perf 35mm and S16mm film, and employed a wide variety of glass including the Camtec-exclusive Vintage Series Ultra Primes.

Sandgren is a long time friend and client of Camtec, having previously worked with us on a number of films including Joy (2015)American Hustle (2013), and most recently Battle of the Sexes (2017). As with all of the projects he brings through Camtec, we are anticipating nothing but great things. Keep a look out for First Man in the fall of 2018!  

(Left to right) 1st AC Jorge Sanchez, 2nd AC Melissa Fisher, and DP Linus Sandgren, on location for First Man with two Aaton Penelope 35mm cameras.