Ps Technik Skater Scope


The SKATER Scope is the first truly compact periscope lens system providing all the creative freedom you want.  As it is considerably shorter in its overall length than comparable systems, with clear operating controls, the SKATER Scope makes it possible to work quickly and intuitively. The length is still sufficient in critical light situations, to avoid an interfering cast of shadows from the camera body.  The movable tilt module can be adjusted from -105° to +105° and engaged in any desired 2.5° increment. The SKATER Scope can be used as a straight version (borescope) and as a bent version (periscope) with any desired angle. The lateral offset between the tilt module and the main snorkel body is only 50 mm. The whole lens block can be pivoted into any desired angle and fixed with a pivot lock ring. A detailed scale shows the precise angle of pivoting.  With an aperture of T 5.6, the SKATER Scope is an ideal compromise between size and light transmission and is still faster than comparable systems of similar complexity. The calculated aperture is 4 1/3, the light loss 2/3 of a stop.