Linus Sandgren, FSF on ‘JOY’ & Camtec Vintage Ultra Primes in ICG Magazine.

"Clean, sharp glass is not my thing," Sandgren reveals. "On American Hustle, Kavon Elhami at Camtec in Los Angeles helped me with spherical Canon K35s. Ever since then, he has been experimenting with and developing a special set of lenses based on mechanically solid Zeiss Ultra Primes, but where the glass is recoated. It took two years, but they were ready just in time for Joy. They are beautiful , solid and reliable, but also a little softer in contrast. The flare is 'old school,' where each element is present as a various-colored reflection, as opposed to the milky 'up flare.' We did tests - and decided to use the Camtec Vintage Ultra Primes. And then Kavon made a second set for us, just in time for the shoot."

- ICG Magazine